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The Earth, a sculpture unveiled at MAHE

Manipal, June 15: A public sculpture ‘The Earth’ was inaugurated at the Dr TMA Pai Planetarium Complex here on Friday by MrsVasanti R Pai, wife of MAHE Chancellor, Dr Ramdas M Pai. The sculpture is commissioned and donated by the K K Hebbar Art Foundation to Manipal Academy of Higher Education.ChitranjanMoharana, an emerging artist from Odissa, sculpted it in Makrana, Rajasthan out of white marble and transported it to Manipal.

The Foundation has been supporting emerging artists ever since inception and has instituted several scholarships, commission and residencies in their vision to support artists, said Rekha Rao, Trustee of the Foundation. She added, “It was after a thoughtful selection by its jury from a series of entries from various artists across the country that Chitranjan’s sculpture was picked to be brought here.

KK Hebbar Gallery and Arts Centre, MAHEinitiated the whole process through the Foundation. Two new paintings were also gifted on this occasion by Mr Narayan Hebbar, celebrated artist K KHebbar’s nephew. “The inspiration and concept behind the sculpture was to bring into light the various distresses that are afflicting this earth from an ecologically conscious perspective,” saidart historian Rajani Prasanna.Dr H Vinod Bhat, Vice Chancellor, MAHE also spoke on the occasion. He said the theme of the the art work was most relevant, “It is not merely a structure, but a signature,” he said.

She observed that the work brings to our attention an obvious cry of distress about how our planet was being misused and violated through the harsh geometrical forms used in the work while, also at the same time observing that the spiraling lines, the ocean waves and the tree depicted in the work symbolize the persistence of life and the movement of time that is the essence of our world.

Chitranjan’s works are around social concerns, and feels that the role of a public sculpture in a place like Manipal is to communicate directly an idea at large on a scale that is more democratic. “Everyone sees that there are many problems in the society but only a few try to sort it out. As an artist, this public sculpture is my little gesture in helping out,” said the artist.

Over the past three years, the K K Hebbar Gallery and Arts Centre has been steadily growing and is focused on establishing a strong collection of works having acquired upto twelve new works by donations from well-wishers and institutions including the Sr Govind Pai Memorial Regional Resource Centre, Udupi.

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