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Mumbai Crime: Kalamboli Police Want To Seize Red Car In Missing Assistant Police Inspector Case

A red car has now made its way in the case of the missing assistant police inspector (API) Ashwini Bidre. The Kalamboli police on Friday sought custody of the Volkswagen vehicle belonging to prime suspect Abhay Kurundkar, which is the name of Ramesh Joshi, a Sangli-based businessman. Kurundkar reportedly used to visit Bidre in that car. An investigating officer had interrogated two watchmen of her housing society in July 2016.

Car custody
“The watchmen have said in their statement that Kurundkar visited the society in the same car many times. Ashish, his son, has also uploaded pictures with the car,” said an officer. On Friday, after producing Kurundkar and other accused, former minister Eknath Khadse’s nephew Rajesh Patil, in a Panvel court, the police demanded an extension for their custody, as they want to seize the car. Patil was arrested on December 10.

“We are also checking if the car was seen in any CCTV footage in and around Bhayander and the creek area on the midnight of April 12, 2016. Around 2.40 am that night, Kurundkar and Bidre were said to be near Bhayander bridge, as per their mobile tower locations, where we suspect that she was pushed from into the creek,” said the officer.

Gathering evidence
The police also took statements of Bidre’s husband Raju Gore and seven others, including villagers from Bhayander, who will stand as witnesses in the case. However, Bidre’s family members are upset with the fact that the Thane rural police have not suspended Kurundkar as a senior police inspector more than 10 days after his arrest.

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