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Manipal University signs MoU with BVT

Manipal: Manipal University, Manipal and BharathiyaVikas Trust (BVT), an NGO founded by Dr T.A. Pai in June 1978 to promote rural development through self-employment signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Tuesday at the Manipal Edu building.

Manipal University will provide long term institutional support on a sustainable basis to the Trust to continue its mission and vision of the Founder. The signatories of the MoUwere Dr Narayan Sabhahit, Registrar of Manipal University and Mr K.M. Udupa, Managing Trustee of BVT.

Manipal University will enable the Trust to strengthen its capacities in executing its mission and will also set up an institutional support mechanism on a long term basis to take the existing activities and administration forward on a more sustainable and professional manner.

Manipal University has agreed to provide a long term support in implementing various activities like rural development, health and education providing infrastructure, technical guidance and human sources on need basis of the Trust.

Manipal University will also develop curriculum and establish graduate, post graduate, Doctora/Research and Certificate programmes in the fields of rural development, renewable energy, community development and enroll studets for such programmes for award of degrees and certificates.  And BVT will provide the necessary infrastructure resources and facilities.

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