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Kerala man Domanic smashes 124 coconuts in a minute, sets new world record

Smashing records have been set earlier also but this one is the rarest. Yes, literally! P Domanic of Poonjar in Kerala made a world record of smashing 124 coconuts with bare hands in less than a minute.

Domanic, an employee of Kerala State Road Transport Corporation, broke all the previous records in coconut smashing by breaking around 124 coconuts kept in a single row. It hardly took a minute for Domanic to set a world record in coconut smashing. Around 145 coconuts were placed in a single row at equal distance on road side, when Domanic in a single attempt successfully smashed around 124 coconuts, with his bare hand.

Previously, Muhamed Kahrimanovic of Germany had a smashing record under his name, who broke 118 coconuts within a minute.

A report published in Daily Mail states that, the video of Domanic setting this record would be recognized by the Guinness World Records within a duration of six months.

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